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Some have searched all their lives for
the little black dress,
 I have always dreamed of the
perfect little chair.
Some have searched all their lives for
the little black dress,
 I have always dreamed of the
perfect little chair.
This icon of perfection clearly exists in
our collective unconscious, in the form of
the Louis XVI Medallion chair and its
magic oval, which is one of the symbols
of the House of Dior.
Everything has always
brought me back to this chair.
Philippe Starck
Chapter 01


Miss Dior,
the Dior Medallion chair imagined by
Philippe Starck History of an icon reinvented

A symbol of the Louis XVI style dear to Christian Dior, the Dior Medallion chair has been reinterpreted by Philippe Starck. Named Miss Dior, this creation – which combines the fundamentals of the House with a savoir-faire pushing back the limits of excellence – pays tribute to a certain kind of femininity, imbued with bold elegance.

Driven by a “passion du minimum”, Philippe Starck has refined the structure of the famous seat to the extreme, seeking the absolute purity of its silhouette, emphasized even more by the lightness of aluminum, of which he values the nobility and durability, as well as its precious simplicity.‍

The installation is brought to life by an immersive musical composition created for Dior by Soundwalk Collective.‍

Chapter 02



An internationally renowned French creator born in 1949, Philippe Starck is considered one of the pioneers of democratic design, acclaimed for his visionary, poetic works in numerous fields: design, architecture, interior design, and transportation. From his childhood spent beneath the drawing tables of his father, an aeronautical engineer, he learned a fundamental lesson: everything should be organized in an elegant and rigorous manner, both in human relationships and in the vision that precedes any creative gesture.

His deep understanding of the changes taking place in our time, his enthusiasm for imagining new ways of life, his love of ideas, and his concern for defending the intelligence of the practical – and the practicality of the intelligent – have enabled him to constantly push back the limits of contemporary know-how.

With more than 10,000 creations to date, this tirelessly inventive citizen of the world continues his mission: to design places and objects that are aimed to be “good” before being beautiful.

Chapter 03

Miss Dior

ONE chair.
three variations.
four colors.

chrome, copper
gunmetal, GOLD
MAT, polished

Expressions of virtuoso craftsmanship, the curves of this model outline a unique shape, strike a perfect harmony.

This quest for perfection was fueled by the desire to create an eternal chair, an emblem of longevity.

Elle murmura

Puis-je m’asseoir ?
one armest
two armrest
no armest
MAT / polished
Chrome / Copper / Gunmetal / Gold
Chapter 04


Chapter 05


Made in northern Italy, in Brescia, Lombardy, about 100 kilometers east of Milan, this unprecedented work, called Miss Dior, transcends the boundaries of possibility. To achieve this perfection, only one craftsman in the world accepted the challenge. A specialist in injection molding, he developed a unique, elaborately engineered process, and selected aluminum of the utmost purity to ensure that each realization is of ultimate finesse.

Aluminium bars

Once molten, the liquid aluminum is poured into a concrete tank called a crucible, and then injected into a meticulously adjusted mold. A tremendous mastery of the material is then implemented to produce an infinitely precise form, adapted to the unusual architecture of this creation. Then the pieces are cleansed of any imperfections in a final polishing stage before being dipped in an electrolytic bath for the black chrome and pink copper versions, or vacuum sprayed for the gold one.

Molten aluminium running in a concrete tank before
being injected in the machine

Longevity is a fundamental parameter of this chair. With its timeless design and the extreme durability of its materials, Miss Dior by Starck takes on an eternal cultural, historical, and symbolic aura.

Polishing robotized unit working on
the natural raw aluminium chairs
Photography by Till Janz

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